Mission & Vision

Advancing the Kingdom by Making Disciples 



We believe Christ's command to make disciples in Matthew 28 is how he accomplishes his work of salvation in the world. We believe a disciple is someone who directs their heart, mind, and actions toward the work and glory of Christ, then goes themselves and fulfills the command to make disciples. 

It is the desire and intention of our church  to submit to the call of Christ to make disciples wherever we live, work, and play so that more will submit to Jesus Christ as Lord. 
We believe we have an opportunity to use the people, gifts, and resources God has given Oak Grove to advance his kingdom by making disciples. Discipleship is a lifelong commitment and doesn't end until we see Christ in heaven. It is the building block for advancing the Kingdom of God through evangelism, outreach, missions,  and more.

In the upcoming year, we have many opportunities to parter with us in advancing the Kingdom for the glory of God.