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22613_1617888921776020_8398078566296844273_nI had the pleasure of watching the movie War Room yesterday evening with my wife. Most of the pleasure came from being with my wife for a date night. We chose the movie based on the personal recommendation of friends and family members. We were not disappointed. Before I get to the movie, I want to say how surprised I was that the theater was more than 75% full. This surprises me partly because the movie has been out for almost a month (it was released on Aug 28, 2015). I was mostly surprised by the group of high school students that attended and who were thoroughly engaged throughout the movie. They were saying “Amen”, laughing, and many times crying during portions of the movie.

War Room is a fantastic movie and I cannot recommend it enough. The story was believable, the acting good, and they didn’t pull any punches when talking about Christ. In recent years, many “religious” movies have discussed spirituality and God in very vague and often blasphemous ways. They talk about getting to heaven by having faith but never say in what, or in whom, they should put their faith. War Room is not one of those movies! This movie was 100% unashamedly evangelistic and pro-Christ. The name of Jesus was used throughout and not the way most movies today use it with contempt and scorn. I could not be more pleased with War Room. The Kendrick brothers, creators of the Fireproof and Courageous movies, are not afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus with conviction. Because of their stance, I will always be a fan and will always attend their movies.

There is another movie coming out very soon called Woodlawn. I went to a private screening with Alison a few months ago. The movie is based on the true story of Tony Nathan, a High School football player in Birmingham, Alabama during the height of the civil rights movement in the early 1970’s. Nathan was one of the first black men to play football at the University of Alabama and later had a ten year career in the NFL playing for the Miami Dolphins. It’s a good football story, but it is much more than that. Woodlawn, like War Room, is an evangelical movie with the gospel clearly and boldly proclaimed several times throughout. I left the theater excited about a movie that would so plainly confess Christ. It had two things I love – Jesus and football. The movie has top notch actors, with names you recognize like Sean Astin and John Voight. Woodlawn will be released on October 16th and you should mark your calendars to go and see it.

We are currently living in a time when our religious freedom in the United States is eroding. At the same time, there is a call going across our country (and the world) for believers in Christ to stand for the faith. These movies are being released at a perfect time – a time when Christians need to be motivated and encouraged to wake from their slumber and begin to pray for a revival in their hearts and take a stand for Christ in their home, neighborhood, community and workplace. We need to be honest and recognize that we can’t pray for revival to start in someone else, somewhere else. NO! Revival needs to begin with us – with me. Our enemy, the devil, has successfully lulled the church to a place of complacency. We have become bloated and lethargic and have fallen asleep. It is time to Wake Up! Wake up and pray.

Have you become complacent and fallen asleep? Are you ready to wake and take your stand?


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